The End is Nigh

Original publish date: 1 March 2014

The end is drawing nigh. 

I’m not talking about the end of the world; however, with Ragnarök commencing and all the cold, wet weather we’ve been having, I’m starting to wonder if those Norsemen were right.

The end I’m talking about is the end of my thesis and master’s degree education. I completed a full 60 page draft of my thesis and have a month to the day until it is due. I’m feeling pretty good about it, even if there are some areas that still ought to be majorily revised. It’s also exciting and unnerving to know that at the end of next month I’ll have earned my master’s degree.

So, the end is nigh, but I guess that might mean that I have more time to devote to alternate endeavors, such as keeping this website up-to-date with new projects and my oh-so-interesting life.

Stay warm and dry!


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