VEISHEA, a long tradition is halted

Original publish date: 9 April 2014

I’m not one for being preachy or harping on a particular topic, but this irks me. It makes me almost ashamed to call myself an Iowa State alum.

VEISHEA is supposed to be a time of celebration: of the spring, of the end of the semester, and, if you’re a senior, of the end of your undergraduate career as a Cyclone. Yes, there have been issues with riots and car flipping in the past, but who knew that it would be an issue today? There has been a long-standing concern about the activities and heaving drinking that takes place for the week-long celebration. The actions of these few justify those concerns that students aren’t prepared to handle themselves while inebriated and “having fun.” 

Sorry, but when your idea of having fun includes flipping someone’s car over, destorying city property (including the fire house’s windows!), and sending people to the hospital, I’m going to have a problem with it. There’s a difference between having fun and being plain old stupid. 

Now, because of the actions of those who aren’t mature enough to handle university life, or so it would appear based on their childish actions, the rest of the student body, families, and alumni suffer as President Leath has cancelled VEISHEA activities for the rest of the week–and it’s only Wednesday. That means no parade and no concerts. I hope you enjoy studying this week, it appears that you need it. 

For more details on the riot , visit

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