A Bewitched Glamour

Original publish date: 17 November 2014

Give me a teenaged girl who doesn’t know she’s a witch and I’m immediately going to think Sabrina, the Teenaged Witch. I’m not sorry. I’m just a product of the era. But this concept receives a reworking in Andrea Janes’ Glamour.

Christina, the witch who doesn’t know she’s a witch, lives in the summer tourist area of Cape Cod and works in the ice cream shop of her deceased mother’s best friend, Bridget. Christina is your average student and average girl who was born and raised in the small shore town, thus making her somewhat reasonably enraged when Bridget hires a rich, good looking, smart, and out of towner, Reese for the summer. And as Reese gets on Christina’s nerves, her powers act up exponentially until the point where she unwittingly banishes Reese to another dimension. While feverishly trying to get Reese back, Christina glamours her appearance to be that of Reese so people don’t realize she’s gone missing.

The story was rather interesting and apart from the revelation of Christina being a witch, I wasn’t reminded of Sabrina, which makes me happy that it wasn’t too derivative of previous work. There were a decent amount of allusions to contemporary trends, music, and things to make the characters and situations relatable. I did find that there were some consistency issues in the narrative–Chapter 19 being a good example. I also felt that the narrative was trying a little too hard to be cinematic with the “what Christina didn’t see” sections. I feel that if that information was to be included, it could have been handled either through the entire book utilizing a different narrative point of view or more fully fleshing out those “what Christina didn’t see” sections to make them worth the effort. I also found that Christina’s overall attitude toward the outside world and those around her irksome–the type of person you’d want to avoid having in your life.

Overall, I’d give it a 2.5 out of 5 stars.


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