Rising Out of the Water

Original publish date: 14 June 2014

Give me Greek gods, the sea, and merpeople (or Dagonians) and you have my interest, if for no other reason than the endless possibilities available. Especially with a nicely toned, towering, and totally dominating male lead.

Holly Kelly’s Rising takes the lore of mermaids and Greek mythology and creates an interesting version of our world that is inundated with some fantasy elements to take the reading experience from relatable to unbelievable. The story was quickly paced (aka read in one day), captivating, and there was pretty good characterization and point of view narration to be able to connect with Sara and Xanthus on an emotional level and understand what drives their actions…even in Sara’s become love-dovey mushy toward the end.

With Triton acting like Zeus, in the can’t keep it in his pants department, a mermaid is the product with his tryst with a human woman. 20 years later, Sara, the mermaid daughter, lives on land and is thought to have a leg deformity as she covers her legs whilst wheelchair bound. I thought that that this tactic addressed handicap interestingly, namely acknowledging that it exists, even if for a mythical reason in this instance.

Sara is an independent woman/mermaid which made me happy with the woman power positivity, but it was tempered by the ability of Dagonians, such as Xanthus to be so utterly in control of the female’s reproductive processes by being able to smell their “time.” This placed control firmly back with men, who behaved liked animal when they do encounter a female whose “time” it is. Something with Dagonian society that intrigued me was that married Dagonians who committed crimes could be equally punished by their laws.

From the positive experience reading the first book, I’m inclined to read the rest of the series to see how things shake out for Sara and Xanthus under the sea…and above.

Overall, I’d give this 4 out of 5 stars. 


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