Shell Shocked

Original publish date: 1 December 2014

Zombies. Sequels. Let’s figure out what’s going on in this crazy messed up world. (If you’re curious about the precursor to this book, check out my review of Panic here.)

K.R. Griffiths’ Shock picks up in the aftermath of Panic with a pseduo-military faction trying to locate the man who started it all with the Infected and then secluded himself in a bunker: Victor Chamberlain. But what they find in the bunker squelches that objective as Chamberlain is dead–from the previous text–and the groups own lives are in peril as one of their own didn’t secure the bunker as they descended into its depths and mysteries.

The narrative did remain consistent in its rotation omniscience from Panic, but it stayed far more centrally located on John, a special forces type guy who is trying to locate Chamberlain. The narrative was quickly paced and chock full of action as it starts to fill in the backstory of what was taking place before the outbreak of the Infected; however, it could use a good copy edit as there were numerous issues with spacing between words being nonexistent, which, although it created new words, made it distracting and a little difficult to read. This portion builds further suspense for the next section, which I hope will answer a few more questions than it raises.

Overall, I’d give it a 3.5 out of 5 stars.


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