Working for Death

Death surrounds us and affects us all in a unique way. Lish McBride’s Necromancer: A Novella portrays death in an interesting manner, that like a previous death read, reminded me of Dead Like Me, particularly the short story “Death and Waffles.”

“Death and Waffles” revolves around Ashley, a little, bubbly 10 year old girl who died of cancer and now works for Death with supernatural powers, and her childhood friend Matt, who is now in his late teens. A friendship forged from the love of Batman perseveres through death itself. This section could use a thorough copy-edit, particularly as there was quoted dialogue noted where it was actually narrative.

In the larger portion of the novella, “Dead Man’s Party,” we follow a fry cook named Sam, who apparently smells like the grave and blood and is as cold as death to those with sense keen on finding those things. The portion of the narrative that we encounter is primarily exposition that establishes the character well and sets up the plot, which developed quickly once there was some action…right at the end. This certainly felt incomplete and that there is far more that we have to learn about Sam and Death and everything that relates the two; however, with it being a novella, and noted as part of a larger work, Hold Me Closer Necromancer, I can understand how this particular compilation was meant to be a teaser for the larger work….and it was successful in making me want to know what happens next.

Overall, I’d give it a 3 out of 5 stars.


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