Maternal Overdrive

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.

Many women dream of becoming a mother. And there are probably plenty of women (and men) who are fascinated by pregnancy and babies. But how far would someone go to have a baby of their own when they have difficulty conceiving? Some may go as far as performing an amateur Cesarean to obtain a child while others will go about it in a legal manner through adoption.

Samantha Hayes’ Until You’re Mine follows the desperation of one woman’s struggle to have a child of her own. Claudia Morgan-Brown has young, twin stepsons, a loving Navy husband James, and a baby girl on the way. With James away on work so often and Claudia’s due date nearing, they decide to hire a nanny. Here’s how Zoe Harper enters their lives. Little do they know the darkness lurking in Zoe’s personal life and her ambition to get a baby, but Claudia does sense that there’s something about Zoe that she just cannot trust, particularly with the news of the recent violent attacks on pregnant women in the area.

With a narrative that stems from several perspectives, the shrouding of the truth in suspense and mystery is aided through the limits of each character’s perspectives. The round-robin of disparate stories that come together was well-crafted and goes along with the chapters that were relatively brief, which helped to establish a quick pace and keep a reader’s attention on the mystery at hand and driving forward through the text to figure out/learn what happens next. The twist at the end was rather surprising, if not a little disorienting in its presentation despite its shocking psychological value at what it reveals about the characters. There were parallels between the narrating characters, which helped to create a cohesive, holistic narrative.

Overall, I’d give this a 4 out of 5 stars.


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