Rocky Relationships

European adventures and love. Not much sounds better than that, but even something seemingly perfect can become marred by a negative event and ruin life thereafter for everyone. Peter Nichols’ novel The Rocks depicts not only the Mediterranean setting of the novel but also the state of relationships between the four central characters.

The narrative follows the lives of Lulu, her son Luc, Gerard, and his daughter Aegina, particularly as it revolves around the Mediterranean holiday spot that Lulu runs, The Rocks. The narrative moves from current day and works its way back through time to find the root of each generational coupling’s relationship’s issues before coming full circle to current day for the ending. Through both Lulu and Gerard and Luc and Aegina we learn of the importance of trust and open communication with those you care about.

As the layers of the story’s history was peeled back the further into the narrative I got, the more I enjoyed and understood the story. Throughout the text, there was a running header that provide the year in which the narrative was taking place. Oftentimes, without that, I would have been utterly lost and I have to admit that it took me a while of struggling to place the time of the story until I figured out the running header was the reader’s reminder. Perhaps the years were more overtly displayed in the book and I had a corrupted copy that had several blank pages before a new section of text in a different era would begin; if that wasn’t the case, then a page cluing readers into when this portion of narrative is taking place would be immensely helpful in NOT putting readers off–especially because the story contained therein is well written and illuminating on an all too common human experience of communication and time dissolved relationships.

Overall, I’d give it 3.5 out of 5 stars.

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