I Do, I Don’t, I Do…

Marriage. It’s something that many people are concerned with in whatever capacity, be it getting married, not getting married, staying married, or ending their marriage. It’s a big topic with many facets to it to consider before deciding whether to take the proverbial plunge.

Will proposed to Lily after a month of knowing each other and their wedding is happening just five short months later in Eliza Kennedy’s I Take You. When the couple head down to Key West for their pending nuptials, there are a few surprises in store for Lily and Will. First up is the deposition Lily has to do while in Key West prior to her wedding as part of her job in her law firm. Next up is the scatter-brained wedding planner who keeps excitedly changing the wedding plans. Then comes the thrice motherly ambush to Lily to encourage her to call off the wedding, on the pretext of Will and Lily not really knowing anything about each other. Then Will’s mother blackmails Lily with her troubled past to call off the wedding. And the final surprise is what Will reveals to Lily about himself, even though she’s done the same thing. With all of these events, can the wedding actually take place?

The entire story is a quick-paced whirlwind of events to keep a reader’s attention on Lily’s character. The narrative was written in a open and perhaps brazen manner that made the story easy to read, but Lily was not likable as a character. It wasn’t that I despised her or found her difficult to relate to at some level, rather she was simply frustrating in her behavior in a way that made me constantly think, “COME ON!!” Lily and Will’s story explores social constructs, particularly as they apply to marriage, and the topic of fidelity that is of concern to the greater majority of contemporary marriages. As a romance, this particular iteration is a little colorful and off kilter, yet it’s still cliche.

Overall, I’d give it a 3 out of 5.


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