Retrospective of May

Plenty of (really) warm days filled this month, where this is nothing so pleasing as reading.

I’ve read 14 books in May, and with this number, I am one book away from 50 books thus far this year and halfway done with my goal of 100 books in 2015.

Tomorrow dawns the first day of June, and with it we draw nearer to the close of the first half of the year–and I can hardly believe it.

Onward to lots of summer reading!



  1. Feliza C. · May 31, 2015

    Wow! You’re really far ahead! I’m 9 books behind in the 100 Books challenge… What was your favorite book this month?


    • jenpaul13 · May 31, 2015

      It probably helps that I have about an hour and a half every day on a train where I read. 🙂 For favorites from this month, I’d have to lean toward either Andrea Lochen’s “Imaginary Things” or Sophie Kinsella’s “Finding Audrey.”


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