Scary Survival

Think of all the B-movie horror films you’ve seen that are about teenagers at a party when things suddenly go wrong. Add in a deserted subway tunnel and a monster and you’ve got Danielle Vega’s Survive the Night.

Casey Myrtle is a former high school soccer star who had everything going for her, including an incredibly attractive musician boyfriend, Sam. But when a knee injury sidelines her, Casey starts hanging out with a different sort of crowd, which Shana, with her brightly colored hair, prominently reigns. Shana had planted the idea of taking painkillers for fun rather than just to manage knee pain and helped push Casey into a path of self-medicated self-destruction. Still freshly single and after coming back from rehab, Casey is going to a sleepover with her soccer friends, or at least she was until Shana shows up with a plan to head to New York City for the night to see Sam’s band play. While at the music venue, the girls learn about an all-night rave called Survive the Night and set out to find it. Once they do find it, they all have a bit of fun until their friends start disappearing…and then turning up maimed and dead. What horrors lurk in the tunnels and will they get out alive?

The writing was quite good and quickly paced as the suspense built. The narrative progressed naturally with both real-time and flashbacks to flesh out the story arc of Casey’s character and what happened to take her from star athlete to pill addict. There were cliches abound in the story, which made me immediately think of all the cheesy horror movies I’ve ever seen, and this story sticks to the cliched arsenal by having the female virgin survive the terrors of the night. And while a good sewer alligator story has its place, the creature in this story didn’t really seem to come from a reasonable place or fit within the established constructs of the story–needless to say, once we were introduced to the creature, my suspension of disbelief went out the window faster than these teens could run from the tentacles with claws.

Overall, I’d give it a 3 out of 5 stars.


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