Opulent Opportunities

Social standing is a precarious thing. It may be difficult for some to attain and it is a chore for anyone to keep up. In Everbody Rise by Stephanie Clifford, being a part of the elite social rank is becomes the focal point of who a person is.

Evelyn Beegan comes from a good family, but not quite that of the rest of the well-to do, old money families with whom she went to boarding school, nor some of those that her mother wanted her to become friendly with. Evelyn is working on a social networking site, People Like Us, targeting the upper echelon of the social class, but her problem is getting members who will maintain her occupation. Through her boarding school friends, Evelyn is able to become acquainted with Camilla Rutherford, her star target for promoting the website. Getting drawn into the life of parties in fancy dresses, charity work, and no standard 9 to 5 job, Evelyn is getting everything out of life that she’s wanted…or what her mother wanted for her. But getting does getting this social recognition come at the price of fundamentally changing who she is?

The narrative of this story is compelling in its portrayal of the characters and building the plot. The writing was well-done and captivating in painting the high life of the moneyed elite while offering an additionally more realistic perspective despite the faults of the protagonist. In the ARC I received of this book, there were numerous errors with grammatical things, and one rather large, blatant name continuity error, all of which will undoubtedly be addressed prior to the book’s national release. A cautionary tale of how money and trying to be someone you’re fundamentally not can change you, Everybody Rise is reminiscent of Victorian novels in the essence of the story while keeping contemporary audience attention with more timely examples and references.

Overall, I’d give it a 4 out of 5 stars.

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