Dark Origins

A world overrun by demons. Not too far-fetched a concept to believe in. Just take a look at some of the large businesses and governments out there–they make it seem all too real an idea that demons control the world. Take that and add to it running away from the Duke of Hell in search of an artifact that renders the user invincible and you have the basis of N.P. Martin’s Lucas. 

Lucas is a demon. He spent his mortal days in Egypt studying dark skills, which has served him well in his demonic life. Accumulating skills and knowledge throughout the ages, Lucas has learned to become particular about the bodies that he possesses so they suit his needs and desires adequately–namely, that they look like he did. Landing in Mercy City on the run from the Duke of Hell, Leonard, Lucas acquires a strip club and notices that the city is particularly overrun by demons of all sorts. Enlisting the assistance of Frank, a Watcher, Lucas seeks out a feather of an archangel to be able to defend himself against Leonard’s inevitable attack.

The overall story concept could be interesting, but if felt as if there was a lack of development for to best understand the reason behind the action taking place. While there was plenty of action presented, that’s pretty much all it was as there wasn’t much background given to readers to help understand why Lucas and Leonard are battling each other. I was rather intrigued by the portions of the story that related to Lucas’s “origin” story in Egypt. By addressing this portion of his life, as well as his time spent in Hell, I feel as though the narrative would have been stronger and more interesting to read than a seemingly standard rehashing of supernatural forces of angels and demons battling in the world. The text could have used a thorough copy edit as there were consistent grammatical issues throughout that should have been caught (like “of” instead of “off”) and had me cringing as I read.

Overall, I’d give it a 2.5 out of 5 stars.

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