Enigmatic Human History

A meeting between science and religion, the future and the past, James Rollins’ The Bone Labyrinth addresses both the secular and spiritual aspects to an archaeological thriller that fosters reflective thought.

Twin sisters Lena and Maria Crandell are geneticists studying the origin of intelligence and how humanity made the Great Leap Forward through a gorilla named Baako with a genetically engineered brain more akin to humans. Father Roland Novak’s expertise is in Father Kircher’s work, which focused on the advanced ideas and concepts of early versions of man. With Lena and Father Novak exploring an archaeological site in Croatia and Maria continuing work in Atlanta, Georgia, they both come under attack from an outside force. The US military Sigma team of Gray, Seichan, Monk, and Kowalski get called in once Lena, Maria, and Father Novak fall into trouble in an effort to protect US intelligence and interests. With the knowledge of humanity’s progression from our ancestors at stake, who will come out victorious and is such a thing possible?

An intriguing and thought-provoking story that’s rather timely with the various archaeological finds that speak to our ancestral lineage. The action was quickly paced with an element of suspense and mystery to the puzzles and conspiracy thought process, making for an enjoyable read with characters that were more-or-less believable despite being essentially stereotypes without much depth.

Overall, I’d give it a 4 out of 5 stars.


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