Leaving to Learn to Love

Music makes the world go round. When music is your whole world, how can you find out new things about yourself. In Caisey Quinn’s Leaving Amarillo, musicians learn important details about their lives as defined around music.

Dixie Leigh Lark, her brother Dallas, and their friend Gavin Garrison have been friends since Dixie and Dallas’s parents died in a car crash. Having formed a band in high school, the trio have found their sound and bonded to become a family. As the trio, called Leaving Amarillo, is about to make it big, Dixie is finding it difficult keeping her crush on Gavin a secret any longer. As the tension becomes unbearable, secrets come to light and Dixie and Gavin learn more about themselves.

While the story is light entertainment with some heart-racing sexual tension for new adult readers, it was a horrifically cliched story of a male who can’t seem to love and has strict barriers against deeper relationships with someone who’s close to him and would be good for him. Dixie’s voice is well developed in within the narrative and she eventually acts for herself, but she’s still a bit too whiny for my tastes. Dixie doesn’t really have anything of her own–she is part of the band, which is her brother’s passion, and then she takes over her grandparents’ RV trip–which undermines the rest of her moderately redeemable character. I’m also kind of over the endless series in this genre type. Yes, there might be more to their story, but offer enough of a closing that the book is complete as itself and don’t rely on additional books to tell the tale of those primary characters.

Overall, I’d give it a 2.5 out of 5 stars.

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