A Grimm Reality

Fairy tales hold a special place in many people’s lives, but most don’t give too much credence to what the tales tell. But in The Grimm Curse Trilogy by Stephen Carpenter, what’s portrayed in the tales is of the utmost importance to survival.

Jake Grimm has spend the first 14 years of his life away from any real family, not even knowing that he has an uncle still living in a small town in Oregon. When Jake is finally fed up with his foster parents and runs away to the town he was born in, his reality is forever shifted. Arriving in town a few days after the death of his Uncle Eustace, Jake is confronted with knowing no one in town and having no place to go–that is, until Miss Madeline, a fellow teen and apprentice to Eustace, takes Jake under her wing and shows him the ropes of his heritage. Coming to grips that fairy tale creatures exist is one thing, but battling against them to keep unsuspecting humans safe? It’s a bit much to ask, but it needs to be done. Covering tales such as Hansel and Gretel, Little Red Riding Hood, and Snow White, the trilogy follows Jake’s evolving skills and experiences.

An enjoyably quick read, there were plenty of the “original” aspects to the tales that Carpenter played off of in building his version of reality. I think that it’s an interesting take on the tales but it was also reminiscent of NBC’s Grimm with a particular family line able to see and fight off the evils of the creatures from the tales. As a whole, the writing was pretty solid and true to character, but there was a rather large jump in age from the first two books to the third, which was a bit jarring–as was the difference in cars that Jake has between them–and had me question the continuity, which could have easily been remedied in a few select lines.

Overall, I’d give it a 3 out of 5 stars.


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