Seriously Standoffish

People are the worst and sometimes (or most of the time) it’s better to spend time alone. Being Anti-Social by Leigh Cunningham explores one woman’s experience with her friends and family and her anti-social perspective.

Mace is one of five children and she adheres to the thought that middle children have particular personality traits that drive their behavior. When her older sister calls her anti-social, this affects her psyche and drives her to act antagonistically toward her sister. Nearing 40, Mace has had some upsets in her life in the affair she had while married and the death of her husband after their separation. Getting her life back to the level it was before all this occurred seems impossible but her friends and family attempt to help her regardless of what she wants.

While the specific setting of a story isn’t always vital to the narrative, bringing clarity to it ought to be done in an effective manner so as to not shock readers. I was unaware it was Australia due to lack of outside clues until the Mace brought it up in relation to the traveling she’s done and then some of the linguistic choices made sense. While pegged as a humorous, chick-lit story, I found it to be neither of those things – with the majority of the humor coming from Oscar Wilde quotations – and instead a relatively serious introspection into the psyche of Mace’s life and grief, sprinkled with a conservative amount of levity through some of Mace’s observations.

Overall, I’d give it a 2.5 out of 5 stars.

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