Alternate History

Murder mystery being solved by Jonathan Adams and Edgar [Allen] Poe? Yes, please. The Franklin Incident: A Philly-Punk Story by Raymond M. Rose has just those elements against a familiar-yet-not Philadelphia backdrop.

Investigating and seeking on behalf of a client, Jonathan Adams becomes trapped in a murder case alongside detective friend Edgar Poe facing things he never imagined – like seeing a woman’s head cleaved in two by an ax and trapped in a building with the strange killer.

A quick narrative that builds suspense and the development of the world in which these brutal events take place, it’s easy to get drawn into the story and want to know how things will develop and how characters will fare. As a beginning, this works well to draw readers in and get them hankering for more as information is revealed slowly, but not in a frustrating manner, making for a promising overall tale to be told.

Overall, I’d give it a 4 out of 5 stars.


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