Stone Cold Plans

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Fighting their way through worlds and challenges in an effort to cure May’s curse, Oliver and company are faced with a new set of obstacles in Bleeding Snow by Caroline Peckham.

Having earned their key to enter Glacio, Oliver, May, and their friends enter despite the order that the Queen gave to close the Gateway. Taken hostage by the Queen’s men for their crime, the group is taken to the Freezer, an icy prison, for a few months. Once their trial commences, their luck appears to change as they fight their way to the Queen to seek her mercy. To serve her own desire to get her son back, the Queen allows the group to venture out to attempt to rescue her son, Prince Kile, and upon their success, they’ll be permitted to complete the Gateway challenge. But in Glacio, not everything is as it appears and, with different forces driving each character in this pursuit, trust is difficult to earn.

The story picks right back up where it left off, which was refreshing that there wasn’t an additional informational recap throughout the narrative, as happens commonly in many series. The action builds as we learn more about the plot surrounding May and Rimori and a good amount of suspense is also built up. There is still some grammatical clean-up that is needed as there were consistent issues with the incorrect homonym being used – i.e. “taught” being used in the place of “taut.” The complexity and layering of characters is done well; for example, with Larkin, we begin to learn more about what drove his actions during the Gateway Challenge and it alters the perspective that we have on him.

Overall I’d give it a 4 out of 5 stars.


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