The Darkness Beneath

Being a teenager is always a turbulent time, but when your childhood is riddled with violent and mysterious deaths, your teenage years are less defining but already defined. The Darkest Corners by Kara Thomas delves into the recesses of psychology and human nature to reveal new truths.

After testifying with her best friend Callie against the Ohio River Monster in Fayette, Pennsylvania at nine years old, Tessa leaves to live with her grandmother in Florida. When her imprisoned father is dying of cancer ten years later, Tessa returns to say goodbye, but heading to her childhood home dredges up the uncertainty of the man Callie and Tessa helped convict of several murders. Tessa had wanted to leave Pennsylvania quickly but uncovering the truth of who the killer actually is drives Tessa to stay and solve the mystery.

As far as this type of mystery/suspense story goes, it was really well done and kept twisting and turning, redirecting the blame on to different characters in incredibly believable ways. It deals with the gritty details and psychological harm that comes with experiencing brutality and death at such an early age and the haunting damage that underlies seemingly perfect, happy families. It was effortless to become wrapped up in the drama surrounding Tessa and her drive to figure out the truth about her family, particularly as Tessa was described in not only a believable but also relatable manner.

Overall, I’d give it a 5 out of 5 stars.


  1. Symone Books · March 21, 2016

    I am currently reading this book. I haven’t gotten to the good stuff yet, but I trust it will pick up soon. Hopefully I will like it as much as you! 🙂

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