Fated to Fall: Part Two


Making a brave attempt at finding what’s really in their hearts, Falling Fire: Part Two, by Caroline Peckham, follows through the plan Quinn and Rogan concocted to test themselves.

With the plan that each of them can kiss someone that they choose, Quinn and Rogan seek to find who should act as their barometer of actual affection toward one another at university. As the dance approaches where each will kiss who they’ve chosen, doubts about the plan creep in as Quinn and Rogan gain a better understanding of how they feel about one another.

Similar to my hang-ups with Part One in this novella prequel series, the age-related behavior and some characteristics of these two characters didn’t mesh well with the image of them portrayed in the primary series. The insights that these two parts provide into the lives of Quinn, Rogan, and even Larkin, help define them as characters for the primary series, even if the presentation of the timeline feels a bit disjointed.

Overall, I’d give it a 3.5 out of 5 stars.


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