Alien Savior


Alien space entities that can take over bodies. This sounds great for humankind. Luke Kondor’s The Hipster From Outer-Space envisions a world where alien beings are responsible for a potential end to all human life on Earth.

Moomamu is an ancient space being who has witnessed many different cultures on many different planets. When he wakes up one morning on Earth as a human, he wants nothing more than to get back to his home and away from the perplexing habits of humans. Navigating his way through the world as best he can, he manages to meet Gary the cat, who happens to also be possessed by an alien being. Gary claims that he can help Moomamu get home, but it seems as if Gary is preparing Moomamu to assist in the larger problem facing Earth.

The synopsis of the story was enough to pique my interests into reading the story–not to mention that the title is attention-grabbing, too. The writing was rather well done and I enjoyed Moomamu’s perspective and phraseology of the things that we humans do on a daily basis and hardly think about. Kondor weaves together characters who seem to be disparate into a cohesive whole interdependent upon the actions of the others in an easy to read manner. But, if I’m being perfectly honest, my main reaction to this story was: WHHHHHHAAAAAATTTTT?

Overall, I’d give it a 3.5 out of 5 stars.


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