Tech Terror


Most of us are glued to our phones. We’d be lost without them. Eventually, these things will be implanted as a part of us–I mean, just look at the work in Black Mirror. But in Nanodaemons by George Saoulidis, this has already become a reality and becoming cybernetic is commonplace.

Leo works in construction and was recently in a work accident where he pushed a stray dog to safety, which lost him his arm. With medical treatment, he was able to get a second-hand arm and get back to work within a week. But this new-to-him arm appears to be a problem when Leo appears to have murdered the kind-hearted mayor. As the nanodaemons try to figure out the mystery behind why Leo would have committed murder, they find that Leo is being framed and work to reveal the truth.

An interesting premise in a not too distant future with a moderately decent execution, as it was still a bit difficult to read. It wasn’t so much that it was filled with tech talk, but I think it was the format of how that text was presented. If it were to have been augmented in a way to more easily delineate for readers traditional narrative versus the nanodaemon exchanges, it might reduce the struggle readers have with it–something as simple as offsetting it and using a different font could have eased it a bit.

Overall, I’d give it a 3.5 out of 5 stars.

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