Pursuing Dreams


Your life is a series of choices, so you always hope that you’re making the right ones. For Alice in Antara Mann’s Alice in Sinland, she starts having dreams that tell her that she’s not made all the right choices, leading her to correct her life.

Alice Roseburg is an attorney in London with a good track record, but she’s not  entirely satisfied with her life. As Alice begins falling asleep during meetings and late-night work, her dreams keep asking her what she wants–and she’s not sure because she was never able to admit it to herself for fear of not being practical. As her life keeps sending her signs, and the repeated message of “what do you want?”, that being an attorney isn’t what she should have pursued, she decides to return to New York to go after the dream of her youth of being a Broadway star.

The narrative’s prologue opens in a very interesting Alice in Wonderland meets Beetlejuice manner but then quickly delves into the more realistic story of Alice’s life as an attorney. While the narrative is fairly well written, the disconnect between the prologue and the main text was a bit jarring and I kept waiting for it to get back to the more fantastic but it never really did. There were touches of the fantastic in her dreams, but not fully explored in this first “season” of the story, leaving it as far too expository and, quite frankly, a bit boring, not at all living up to the “sinland” portion of the title.

Overall, I’d give it a 2.5 out of 5 stars.


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