Subterranean Turmoil


After Farris began her journey to rescue her brother, she is faced with a growing sense of uncertainty of which of her companions to trust as she delves deeper into the shell realms in the second book of The Last Man by Tobias Wade.

Having overcome fear and the Darkness, Farris is faced with the problems that arise from pleasure, illusions, and loving sacrifice. When the ship Farris, Sasha, Riften, and Bumble/Gloria have taken down the abyss is attacked, they quickly maneuver to land in a web, which proves to have overwhelming soothing effects. Once taken to the Lady who controls the web and sees all, Farris and company are tested with unparalleled pleasures in silk clothing and food that manipulates memories. With Sasha’s help in resisting the persistent lure of pleasure, Farris names another element to help free this shell and moves on toward the next shell where a fog and voices obscure reality with extremely realistic illusions. With Tom in her sight, Farris believes that she’s about to save him when Sasha tackles him over the cliff. In anger, Farris moves toward the next shell with Riften, leaving Sasha behind as one who betrayed her, yet still uncertain about who to place her trust in, if anyone.

The story progressed well and depicted the nuances of the various shells in vivid detail, but I was initially a bit thrown with the shift in perspective of the narrative from that of the first book. The first installment of this series had more a third person limited, with focus primarily on Farris, versus the third person omniscient that was utilized in this second installment, which roved between Farris, Sasha, and Riften.  This technique was successful in helping to bring more of each character to light: Sasha being the loyal, brave figure, Riften being the manipulative, self-serving figure, and Farris being the arrogant, chosen-one figure.

Overall, I’d give it a 3.5 out of 5 stars.


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