Haunted Holiday


Holidays are meant to be a relaxing thing to help you unwind from the stresses of your everyday life. But when something horrific happens while you’re on holiday, it might just haunt you as you go home, as it does in Mark Edwards’ Follow You Home. 

In a last hurrah before finally settling down into married and family life, Daniel and Laura go on a tour throughout Europe. While on a late night train in Romania, Daniel and Laura take a rest in a sleeper car, that they didn’t have a ticket for, and upon waking in response to the border guards, find that their passports and tickets have been stolen from them. Thrown off the train at the next stop, Daniel and Laura walk along the tracks to the nearest town, but instead find an abandoned looking house in the woods. After entering the house, they are frightened for their lives and quickly run as far away as they can. Once back in England, their lives are haunted by what they experienced in that house, both mentally and physically as people around them who have learned of their ordeal begin to die mysteriously.

The narrative had an exciting start, but then the story just dragged on. I just wanted to get to what happened, but it kept getting unnecessarily delayed as the slow reveal of what actually took place in that remote house came to light. While I can appreciate a story that has multiple twists to keep you guessing as a proper psychological thriller should, this story had a few too many twists that are not well developed, as if Edwards couldn’t decide which facet to the story was more interesting, so decided: have them all!

Overall, I’d give it a 3 out of 5 stars.


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