Mastering the Multiverse


The choices you make are important. Even the ones that seem inconsequential carry weight. Dark Matter by Blake Crouch depicts one man’s life and how the choices he makes affects the world he lives in.

Jason Dessen has a good life with the woman he loves and their son. He and his wife might not have accomplished as much with their physics and art talents as they might have hoped, but they’ve made themselves a happy family life. After being kidnapped and drugged, Jason wakes up in a world that appears to be his, but seems like an alternate life, where his son doesn’t exist and he’s not married to Daniela, but all his physics research is groundbreaking and he’s a superstar of the physics world. Unsure if this is reality or a dream, Jason questions his identity and what he knows about the universe. As he works out what’s going on, Jason has one goal: get back to his wife and son.

It’s really difficult to talk about this book without spoiling what happens, but man, I read this super quick, really enjoyed it, and highly recommend it. All the questions that Jason poses throughout his ordeal invoke deep thinking and philosophizing–making you think more about what makes you YOU (this could cause some anxiety and get you down a conspiracy theory related route of thinking, but hey, what that happens sometimes). The writing was quite good and the short sentences in a rapid-fire sequence helps to get the reader into the frantic mindset of Jason as he’s thinking through the situation as well as keep the pace moving quickly.

Overall, I’d give it a 5 out of 5 stars.


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