Illuminating Information


Secret societies and conspiracy theories tend to be fascinating subjects and can spark many heated debates. Robert Howells’s The Illuminati: The Counter Culture Revolution from Secret Societies to Wikileaks and Anonymous explores the growth of communities invested in forming a better future.

The status quo isn’t always ideal, particularly for the learned portion of the society who can see that there might be something better, but the best manner of bringing about change could easily be a topic of debate. As the historical, and moderately mythic, Illuminati were a building block to much of society, conspiracy theories have clung to the group as a a force that was secretly ruling the world. Awareness of the state of the world is pivotal in the aim to bring about change. Making information pertinent to the public’s lives and best interests available to them is a major way to make them aware of what is actually at stake yet being hidden from them, a key idea behind the contemporary Illuminati successors of Wikileaks and Anonymous.

This reads like an academic thesis, which while informative, is not as entertaining or enlightening as I had hoped that it would be. It’s really not much more than an overview of the Illuminati, Wikileaks, and Anonymous with a history lesson of how the various counter cultures and secret societies came into existence. I guess that based on the description (and the incredible cover art) I was expecting more than what was contained within the pages than that which I could easily find online, although this saved me from conducting and compiling the research myself.

Overall, I’d give it a 2.5 out of 5 stars.

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