Life’s Balancing Act


When things go wrong in life, they seem to pile up so all the bad things happen at one time, like the saying goes “everything that can go wrong, will,” because why not? In getting an unexpected taste of adult life, a teenager tries to get her life together and on track in Get It Together, Delilah! by Erin Gough.

Delilah hasn’t had the greatest time at school thanks to some bullying classmates so when things at her father’s café take a turn that forces her to assume the managerial role while her father is on a healing vacation to mend his broken heart, Delilah embraces the opportunity for time away from her classmates despite the stress of running her father’s business. More time at the café also means more time in close proximity to Rosa, a beautiful dancer at the restaurant across the street, around whom Delilah stumbles, both with her words and her feet. As school, work, and a social life each demand Delilah’s attention, she tries to get her life into a happy, workable trajectory.

While there’s been an increase in the number of narratives that include gay main characters in the past couple of years, it was quite refreshing to read about an Australian character, as that isn’t common to see in American markets.  While there is a certain level of suspension of disbelief when reading fiction, the way that the romance was developed between Delilah and Rosa was utterly unbelievable in its immediacy when paired with Delilah’s fantasy of Rosa- the romance between Charlie and Lauren, which formed mostly off the page, was more believable in its development. Delilah’s pursuit of Rosa, Rosa’s reluctance to announce her interest in Delilah, Delilah’s relationship with lady’s man Charlie, and her straight-laced, education-focused best friend Lauren demonstrate the complexities involved in the seemingly simple aspects of building relationships and establishing a sense of self in the tumultuous teenage years.

Overall, I’d give it a 3.5 out of 5 stars.


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