Maturing for Matrimony


Marriage is a large undertaking. Its value and meaning have changed over the ages from a business transaction to an act of love, but the concept of financial stability lurks beneath. A Wife of Noble Character by Yvonne Georgina Puig follows one thirty year old woman’s life plans to achieve her optimal marriage.

Vivienne has always had a particular image of her life that she wants to portray and people have come to expect of her. The vision of her life’s trajectory is dependent upon marrying a man of suitable means to provide for the lifestyle that she’s cultivated as a Texas oil heiress, even if her fortune has secretly been a thing of the past. Preston has finally gotten his degree in architecture, which gives him the opportunity to establish himself. Having lurked on the edges of the society that Vivienne keeps, Preston observes her with keen interest, despite his realization that he doesn’t stand a chance with her. As both Vivienne and Preston embody different outlooks on life and marriage, they intrigue one another to see things in a different light.

This was an okay way to pass the time, but not something that wowed me or stuck much in my mind because it was more light chick lit instead of the literary novel it professed to be. While I can appreciate the long turn for Wharton or Austen protagonists to make in changing their perspectives, Vivienne’s change of heart took way too long and didn’t have a suitable payout as the narrative’s trajectory was entirely too predictable. Add to this that the only character I liked and was relatable was Kitty and she’s only in the picture for all of a hot minute.

Overall, I’d give it a 2.5 out of 5 stars.

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