Ravaging Rains


Progressing through a Gateway from blazingly hot conditions to incredibly rainy ones, the fight against Rimori gets more intense as the stakes rise higher for Oliver and his friends in Caroline Peckham’s Weeping Sky. 

After entering Theald, Oliver, Rogan, Larkin, Anna, and May face new obstacles in their growing battle against Rimori, including mages hollowed out by Rimori to house varks to do his bidding, monstrously vicious matadiles native to Theald, and undisclosed plans where they leverage one another against Rimori’s forces. Assisted by Oliver’s uncle Hadus, and the army that Hadus is in charge of, they begin testing for a cure for May’s link to Rimori, while simultaneously trying to figure out how best to defeat Rimori and his Warriors of the Arc, at the Council’s secret army base. Rimori’s increasing, bloody attacks spark Oliver, Rogan, and Anna into action in various ways, alongside the army, in the hopes of keeping the body count from rising too high and becoming victorious.

With events that domino into one another to keep the narrative moving rapidly along, this fourth installment* of the story gathers a rising number of deaths while also delving deeper into the (mostly romantic) emotional sides of Oliver, Anna, Larkin, Rogan, May, Quinn, and Hector. There are more character perspectives offered in this installment as characters take action away from the core group, which offers a more comprehensive concept of the situation as it unfolds and the mental state of all those involved. The text could use some further editing to clean up some of the grammatical issues throughout, but the narrative is still entertaining and moves at a quick clip–and with the rapidity with which these installments are coming out, I can overlook some missing punctuation, transposing him and her, etc.

Overall, I’d give it a 4 out of 5 stars.

*To view reviews of the previous three installments (and two novellas), check out the following links:


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