Space Shenanigans


The universe is a vast place and there’s always something going on. Some of us just might not be aware of it. In Patrick Edwards’ Space Tripping one Earth man gets to experience the wonders of the universe that is hidden from the rest of humanity.

Chuck’s life has been pretty standard with the only thing out of the ordinary being disobedient and not following in his father’s footsteps of being a doctor. Chuck’s life changes drastically when Jopp, an intergalactic pilot, drunkenly crashes on Earth and tries to steal Chuck’s truck. After being taken back to the company that Jopp works for, Chuck’s fate is intertwined with Jopp’s, including helping him to work off the debt owed to Prime Partners Intergalactic Consortium for crashing a ship. With their new delivery, Jopp and Chuck find themselves in possession of a mysterious black case that marauders are keen to obtain, drawing the duo into the center of a nefarious plot.

Quickly paced, this is a thoroughly entertaining narrative with the familiar story structure of many seminal sci-fi and space western shows and movies of the recent past. The writing is peppered with clever remarks and acknowledges the sci-fi canon it’s relying upon–when it mentioned a brown coat and Mal, I did a little happy dance because I was thinking of Firefly quite often throughout the story. While the story doesn’t really delve in to new territory, it was a light, fun read.

Overall, I’d give it a 4 out of 5 stars.


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