Elemental Change


A society divided into job assignments by the four Elemental alignments of its citizens is under strain from a rising resistance movement. Getting to the root of the issue and finding leader of the resistance to quell further rebellious actions is central to Resistance (Divided Elements – Book 1) by Mikhaeyla Kopievsky.

Anaiya, an analytical Fire Elemental and Peacekeeper, has been tasked with a highly secretive assignment of going undercover to find out which of the suspected Air Elementals are behind the Resistance murals that are popping up all over Otpor. Undergoing an unprecedented realignment procedure to become an Air Elemental, Anaiya begins to see the world in an entirely new way, paying attention to details she never previously noticed, raising doubts in her mind of what she thought she knew. In becoming accepted in this new part of society, Anaiya struggles with her identity and the details she learns of the motivations behind the rebellion makes her question what the right course of action is.

While the story followed a typical, familiar dystopian arc, which made it incredibly predictable, I found that despite the predictability I still enjoyed the narrative for its unique character and world details to flesh out the standard story. Much of the plot’s action takes place a bit too quickly to be believable, especially with Anaiya’s infiltration of the key group of Air Elementals and the rapidity with which the Peacekeepers expected results from the investigation. In describing the elaborately imagined reality of Otpor, there were many technical sounding terms that were used, which could bog down the pacing of the narrative, but it fit well with the analytical thinking of Anaiya’s Fire Element brain and played into highlighting that aspect of her character, as well as serving to contrast it with the Air Element part of her realignment.

Overall, I’d give it a 3.5 out of 5 stars.

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