Molting to Maturity


As we grow up, we tend to change and essentially become another version of ourselves. In More of Me by Kathryn Evans, Teva has no choice but to change as she grows older.

Teva Webb appears to be a normal teenager: going to school, spending time with her best friend and her boyfriend, and preparing for her future. But that’s just appearances; in reality, her life, and the lives of her previous selves, is anything but normal. Every year Teva unwillingly clones herself due to a genetic abnormality that her Mom is reluctant to explain to her. Fighting against losing her life to another version of herself, Teva seeks answers about her past to help her retain her dreams of having a future that she’ll be able to experience.

The premise of this narrative was attention catching and its execution was captivating and well-done. I really enjoyed the Beautiful Mind comparison in within the narrative and Teva’s questioning of herself and what she knows to be real. When presenting the internal struggles of a teenager, there’s plenty of opportunity for it to come off as too whiny, but Teva didn’t ever seem to quite reach that point; rather, she was a convincing character who you can easily care about and root for. There was, however, a weird combination of American and British life and language – it made it difficult to place where this was supposed to be taking place when certain English words and phrases were used yet soccer, MIT, and Michigan were mentioned.

Overall, I’d give it a 4 out of 5 stars.


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