Perceived Perfection


If you had your choice of ten qualities that comprised your significant other, what would you pick? In L. Philips’s Perfect Ten, Sam makes a list of the ten qualities he’d like in a boyfriend, but do they live up to his expectations in reality?

Sam has had a romantic dry spell for the two years after breaking up with his then-boyfriend and now-friend Landon. His other friend Meg, convinced her Wiccan knowledge can help bring ideal guys to Sam, asks him to come up with a list of ten desired qualities for a spell. Once the spell has been cast, it not only rains, but pours. It seems as if there are loads of guys, previously undiscovered, to potentially fit the Perfect Ten, which leaves Sam juggling his attraction to and feelings for them as he sorts out who best fits his list and who he wants to be with.

The premise of this story was quite intriguing, but it was difficult to believe that the characters were supposed to be real because they seemed so exaggerated in their qualities to the point of merely being constructed characters and not actual people, not to mention that some of the actions they were taking were rather unrealistic. There was a moment in the narrative that I was worried would be how the story ended as it was horribly clichéd, but fortunately it didn’t stick to that particular route and deviated to a mildly different, more rewarding one. But in putting these aspects aside, this is a fairly entertaining, yet standard, story of not realizing what you have and actually want until you’ve lost it, with added teenage drama and some enjoyable witty banter for additional flair.

Overall, I’d give it a 3 out of 5 stars.


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