The Space to Survive


As the human population continues to grow and use up finite resources, we look toward stars and nearby planets as possible colonization targets. In Anne Corlett’s The Space Between the Stars, this colonization has already taken place and the survival of humans is under strain.

Needing some space from her husband, Jamie leaves to be a vet on Solitaire. After a deadly virus hits throughout the universe wiping out the lives of most people, Jamie believes herself to be completely alone, which throws her into frantic despair until she gets a garbled message from Earth. Thinking that the message is from her husband, Jamie is determined to get to Earth however possible to find him. As a few other survivors find Jamie and a passing ship is willing to take them toward Earth, this small, eclectic group has the pieces to uncover the mystery of the virus, prevent the ultimate demise of human civilization, and find out just who they really are.

There were some minimal elements of a dystopian sci-fi society in this book; however, the intense focus on Jamie and her relatively closed off mind/emotional state made it difficult to fully appreciate the manner and extent the world was shaped by the actions of the ruling class until it was basically spelled out toward the end – it would have been more interesting to see these elements unfold rather than be told of them. As cautionary tale for the dangers of genetic manipulation and playing God, this narrative presented plenty of arguments and theories, particularly as surrounds discussions of humanity, some of which were interesting and made you think. But I found there wasn’t much to connect to character-wise, as they lacked any real depth and instead played off standard stereotypes, to make me care much about the outcome of the minimal plot, which was forced along in a rather predictable way.

Overall, I’d give it a 3 out of 5 stars.

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