The Vagabond’s Vantage


Homes offer a sense of identity, particularly for those in their formative years. Sarah Carroll’s The Girl In Between depicts life on the street and on the move for a young girl and her mother from the eyes of the young girl.

Within the walls of her Castle, a young girl can dream of the fairy tale life she wants instead of the harsh reality of homelessness she faces every day. While she has free reign over the Castle, she must be vigilant to remain invisible from the outside world or risk being taken away from her mother by the Authorities. With Authority representatives in yellow vests coming around her Castle to evaluate it, the girl fears that her home may be taken away from her or she from it, which would greatly change her life. In learning about the Castle’s history as a mill from a fellow squatter, called the Caretaker, who is struggling against his past and grief to leave the mill after forty-seven years, the girl realizes that her mother also needs to face what’s haunting her in order to keep moving forward.

A quick read that presents the realities of the world through the lens of a young girl offering a new perspective from which to consider the unfortunate issue of homelessness that plagues society. While the perspective of and experience with homelessness from the vantage point of young girl was quite intriguing and interesting as it was written in a manner that was captivating and using language that befits the narrator, the narrative was ultimately rather confusing, perhaps because it lacked an appreciable plot. With the minimal plot present, the “twist” at the end of the story, while a key point of the narrative, wasn’t as poignant as it could have been had a plot been reasonably developed.

Overall, I’d give it a 2.5 out of 5 stars.

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