Misdirected Family Matters


The grisly murder of a family sans the patriarch leads the town to believe that the husband is the culprit. But this deviation of character doesn’t sit right with the investigator in Two Days Gone by Randall Silvis.

A well-liked local professor and bestselling author Thomas Huston has disappeared, presumably on the run, and is the prime suspect after his wife and three children are found bloodily murdered in their home, which leaves many people with a very different opinion of the man. Sergeant Ryan DeMarco had previously befriended Huston and while investigating the murders finds it difficult to believe that Huston would be capable of such violence. In trying to find the truth of the matter, DeMarco must investigate Huston’s current novel in progress, prompting some dangerous leads.

Through the strongly developed story, the narrative moves quickly with details unfolding in a realistic and necessary pace to both keep building suspense and to provide a trickle of answers as a payoff to keep a reader invested. While the narrative started off strong, it lagged a bit toward the middle before picking up again for a good conclusion. Offering chapters with perspectives from both the hunter and the hunted, the narrative was able to round out the plot to explain the various whos and the whys of the mystery of why Huston’s family was killed. There were many literary references I appreciated throughout the story, which was to be expected when one of the characters is an author intent on using an established work as a jumping off point for his novel; however, it did feel a little out of place in a few instances.

Overall, I’d give it a 4 out of 5 stars.


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