A Museum’s Mystery


There’s a mystery to unfold within the walls of a New York art museum in Impossible Views of the World by Lucy Ives.

Stella Krakus has had a tough time recently with her not-yet-finalized divorce and a fling with a colleague that is rather one-sided and has been falling apart. The sudden disappearance of one of her colleauges, Paul, further complicates her life as she gets drawn in to the mystery surrounding Paul. Investigating the secret files and work that Paul was researching in the museum before his untimely end consumes Stella’s life as she tries to gain an understanding into who Paul was and what could have possibly driven him to the fate he met.

There was lots of beautiful writing and interesting metaphors presented within the text; however, this rather poetic language, while well-crafted, detracted from the story and a reasonably paced progression. While there were aspects to the misanthropic nature of Stella that I could relate to, I found that she and the other characters weren’t likable – not that it’s a necessary component to a narrative, but without anyone to connect to it only added to a feeling of dissonance for me; the narrative wasn’t particularly engaging with the build of the mystery Stella attempts to uncover taking too long and failing to captivate. Paul’s fate seemed more like a means to an end to create a plot versus being an actual part of a plot or something more meaningful.

Overall, I’d give it a 3 out of 5 stars.


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