About Me

The inevitable “about me.”
What can I say about myself that won’t seem overly braggy, self-promoting, or like a dating ad?
Hmmmm. Good question.
I guess all I can safely say is that I earned my MA in Publishing from Rosemont College in 2014 and my BA in English from Iowa State University in 2012. I’m staying current with the publishing industry through reading and freelance editing and proofreading, as well as my day job as a Managing Editor of Education journals at Taylor & Francis.
I enjoy reading (clearly my educational choices attest to that), photography, and films. Trust me, if you want to know in what other film that actor appeared, I’m your girl–for whatever unknown reason, I know these things.
You’ve read about me, now go see everything about me.

One comment

  1. J.W. Kurtz · January 3, 2015

    I look forward to following your blog. I’m an indie writer always looking for that 8th day of the week to devote to writing. I think we’d have a good time on Jeopardy if the category was actors and films. Cheers! J.W.


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